Web, Internet, and Database Services

The world is changing, and today, businesses need a professional presence on the internet. With more than 3 quarters of the United States online and more than 1.8 billion, yes BILLION, people connected around the planet, having that web-presence is just too good of an opportunity to pass up!

Panther Data Tech LLC can design a site for you that not only looks professional, but functions like it too. We'll not only build it for you, but put it online and register the site with popular search engines like Google, Bing!, and Yahoo!.

Some of the standard services we offer are

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Search Engine Optimization is a way to increase your "result ranking" in Google, Bing, and Yahoo, as well as other search engines. By controlling the placement of words, words used, and the volume of content on a web page, the rank of a website often determines its success. Being on the front page of Google is often reserved for fortune five hundred companies, but you too can take your place among the top ten! Panther Data Tech LLC is on the first page for the terms, "nwa web design", "nwa computer repair", "nwa web development", and we are the top ranked unsponsored site for "nwa computer networking". Let us build you a finely tuned website to drive web traffic your direction, increasing your target market to reach as far as the world wide web stretches.
  • URL Registration
    A URL is an address which represents a webpage or website on the internet. Usually these websites end in ".com" for the United States, but they may also end in ".org" for organizations and ".edu" for educational institutions, and many other post-fixes. When you visit "www.pantherdatatech.com", your computer in the blink of an eye scours the internet, following sign posts across the planet, until it finds the server hosting the website, and brings the content back for you to read and enjoy. This wonderful process wouldn't be possible if it weren't for the sign posts, known as Dynamic Name Servers, which tell computers and data where to go, replacing the old and clunky method of accessing the web: typing in ip numbers. URL's are big business, and some of the top registrar companies are GoDaddy, Netfirms, 1&1, and Yahoo, which register these website "names" so they can be shared with the world. Registration fees run anywhere from zero to twenty dollars a year for a url, and some URL's are so desireable they are traded as commodities among their owners.
  • Providing Server Space
    Panther Data Tech LLC can provide quality server space, or help you find your site another home. This is usually not expensive, and we will even set up the space to perform as you like, dealing with the complications that may arise from settling in.
  • Updates and Maintenance
    Updates and Maintenence are essential to any product or service of worth, and websites are certainly of worth. We will show respect and courtesy when we design, and if a problem should arise, repair a website. We take care to keep your data safe and your site running smoothly.
  • Database Design and Management
    Databases can streamline and organize your business or your life. For instance, a database of customers and products can help you better serve your customers and more efficiently run your business. We can design, build, and maintain custom databases to fit your needs. We can also upgrade or maintain pre-existing databases, including but not limited to MySQL, Access, Microsoft SQL (MSQL).
  • The You Control™ platform
    which allows you to control your website by putting up ads and managing customer information. We will custom taylor each install to your site.
  • Professional Layout and Style Design
    Layout can often affect how appealing the content on a page is, and giving your readers a chance to absorb the information with ease. A poor layout can have the opposite effect causing eye strain, distraction, and even repel visitors away from a page. Its important to keep the layout constructive and professional, even on entertainment pages like Youtube and Hulu, the style is clean cut and well designed. Layout and Style cannot be underestimated as powerful tools to make a great page.
  • Social Network Marketing
    Social Network Marketing has become an important tool for businesses to become known and to generate interest from customers. We can provide services such as building your business a Facebook and Myspace page. We can provide blogs, forums, Twitter management, LinkedIn management and the integration of these sites and services into your overall web-presence.
  • Various Custom Design Elements

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